Silver nanoparticle evolution

Its about that time. I have been messing with silver and ions for the past 20 years. I hope everyone that doubted me and the product cant help but remember everything I believed about it. I havent changed a bit. The science hasnt changed either it just took a pandemic crisis to reveal its worth. I have my own formula all to my own . Tesla would get a kick out of it is all that can be said about it times 3 . I would be willing to reveal my magical formula if any curiosity is aroused.

Published by PLC wifipro0081

Not a whole lot to say. If I had failed at something , I learned how to not do something, allows my mind to explore possibilities. I choose to keep things , all things , simple . Some say its a gift , curse , blessing , love . I say it is what it is ... "As Above So Below" . I don't care to reveal my race because things of that nature , including but not limited to sex , religion , politics , etc , etc , are not pertinent to me. I will thumb through my phone just to see news and current events occasionally but I find the collection of tools in a phone way more insightful than a Facebook or a tiktok. try to find the cleanest energy and water works for user-friendly and economically sound creativeness. In all things I try to find what's beneficial and can truly stand test of time. I like to permanently fix things. "Bulletproof" or maybe just reinvent invention a little bit to adjust for different situations. Material science is one that I can say is truly genuine art and can find its way through every human being , fish , and animal , and plant on this planet.

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