GREED is to keep a world that is already beat down and exhausted even more unhealthy and unwealthy by not following basic principles . Wealth and health should not be quality presidential candidate traits. Congress shouldnt care who the president is at all. The house is full of legislatures that dont even know what happened in 1776. They still smoke the same sweet leaf that our founding fathers had . The indians saved the white man that came to america . And for that i am grateful . If they could cut the greed and live more conservatively , no stimulus checks , just a few tax free years could greatly help all the worlds problems . Stop taxing people just to get that crap currency back for your own endevours. I am riding a rock with a bunch of ship jumpers

Published by PLC wifipro0081

Not a whole lot to say. If I had failed at something , I learned how to not do something, allows my mind to explore possibilities. I choose to keep things , all things , simple . Some say its a gift , curse , blessing , love . I say it is what it is ... "As Above So Below" . I don't care to reveal my race because things of that nature , including but not limited to sex , religion , politics , etc , etc , are not pertinent to me. I will thumb through my phone just to see news and current events occasionally but I find the collection of tools in a phone way more insightful than a Facebook or a tiktok. try to find the cleanest energy and water works for user-friendly and economically sound creativeness. In all things I try to find what's beneficial and can truly stand test of time. I like to permanently fix things. "Bulletproof" or maybe just reinvent invention a little bit to adjust for different situations. Material science is one that I can say is truly genuine art and can find its way through every human being , fish , and animal , and plant on this planet.

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